Trac bug not letting me register at

I didn’t get a verification email (nor was it in spam), I get this on top of every page every page:

Warning: <acct_mgr.web_ui.MessageWrapper object at 0xb81d086c>

And this on the “Resend verification email” page:

Trac detected an internal error: UndefinedError: “projec” not defined

Can you login to Trac, check to make sure that your email address is listed in your account, and then try sending another Verification Email?

To note, verification is cookie based.

I just logged out, logged back in, checked that my email is entered correctly, visited your link, then clicked “Resend Email”. Unfortunately, I got the same error:

Trac detected an internal error: UndefinedError: “projec” not defined

I have tried deleting my account and reregistering, nothing worked :frowning:

EDIT: The same error appeared upon logging in for the first time, I assume when Trac was supposed to send me the automatic verification email.

Perhaps this is a regression from fixing this recent ticket: ?

Indeed it is. It’s fixed now too. Upon logging in, if you get a

Warning:  <acct_mgr.web_ui.MessageWrapper object at …>
, then you’ll need to

Just verified my email, thanks!