I run Haku on my Lenovo Laptop, thankfully it is well supported :slight_smile: they only thing that I really have a hard time with is the touchpad. My problem is that I have to sometimes try to hold the left mouse button down with one finger while trying to move the mouse along the touchpad using an other finger on the same hand. This is not very comfortable and makes me frustrated sometimes. Is there a way to make this behave like it does on Win or Linux where I have what I think is referred to “single left mouse click.” or something like that…


Bump, really need help with this please.

I come at a disadvantage here because i don’t know the specifics of what is going on here, but, it sounds like something is not configured correctly. Do any of the options in Touchpad preferences help you?

What happens if you don’t hold down the left mouse button while moving another finger along the trackpad’s surface, does the mouse pointer stay where it is? Try to be as specific as possible.

It seems like there should be some sort of touchpad driver that isn’t getting loaded and it is trying to emulate a regular mouse, which doesn’t work right. If this is so, the best course of action is to open a trac ticket and post your syslog so that a developer can get an idea of what hardware you have and what can be done to get it working.

I don’t seem to have any Touchpad related options, on mouse. If I let go of the left mouse button the menu will just close, drag and drop doesn’t drop. Basicly it works like I am using a mouse and not a touchpad.

Go into the Deskbar -> Preferences -> Touchpad

Do any of the options here help?

I think I got it. i went to the touchpad pref, didn’t do anything but now it seems to be working better.