Todo lists, Haiku-style

Hello, I was looking for some personal management software for Haiku. One part thereof is a todo list manager … but presumably Haiku has other ways of doing this, using queries or some such. I couldn’t find any todo applications. How do people do this with Haiku ? One important feature to me is hierarchical todo items, i.e., sub-todos.

You know BeOS never really had a standard organization program, and neither does Haiku at this point. I had contemplated writing one in the BeOS days with the obvious name of BeOrganized but I never got around to it.

I think you could probably implement a basic ToDo application using custom file types with attributes. Having sub-ToDos might be a little more complicated.

Though it is a bit of a cop-out I might suggest you use one of the many online ToDo list applications until something nice is created for Haiku :slight_smile:

Custom file types might be alright. I’ve found some information in the user guide so let me see if it possible to implement to-do lists the proper Haiku way. Thanks for your reply.