To whom should I submit?

What if I had done some work on the BBitmap.cpp and would like to commit that but have no CVS write access? I somehow don’t think this forum should be used to upload patches. Is there a person to submit patches to or to contact about write access on the CVS?
Anyway, if this is the appropriate place to upload patches, please tell me so and I will post the patch here.

I fixed some bugs in sources (BNetEndpoint, BNetAddress…) while I was porting it to Linux (just wanted to use some BeOS classes, bored with plain sockets).

If anybody interested, I can put Linux port of somewhere on the web. It lacks BArchivable feature and BNetDebug packet dump (which isn’t implemented in OBOS’ version of the lib).

As a general rule, send code contributions to the appropriate team lead. In the case of BBitmap, send it to Darkwyrm since he is now that team lead for the App/Interface kit.

BTW, if it’s possible, you could even post the patch on the appropriate mailing list, so if the team leader is busy, other members of the team could commit it.
Or, maybe you could put your patch/changed file in a web server somewhere and post a link so we can have a look at it.

P.S: is really Darkwyrm the new Interface kit team leader? I would’ve liked to know, then :slight_smile:

It was announced at WalterCon, so shame on you for not attending :wink: