To add software to LiveUSB


I installed on a 2GB pendrive a LiveUSB verision of HAiKU. As I understand HAIKU can access only 690 MB
space on the pendrive - it is the size of an image. Now I want to HAIKU can use the free 1300 MB space.
How can I do this? Or maybe it is possible resize the partition HAIKU uses?

It is not currently possible to resize a BFS partition. There are some options.

For instance if you are handy you could create a second BFS partition using the remaining space and then mount it.

I believe I just read in the developer notes that the recent Nightly partition size is raised to 750 MB. So you could try that.

Or do what I do and just boot from a Haiku install CD, format the whole USB, and install onto that. 16 GB of Haiku deliciousness.