Thread premption, scheduler interrupts, hard latency

what’s the status of the scheduler ??

pre-emption ?? low latency ? soft real-time threads ???

Yes, all done.


there are “real time patches for Linux” does haiku currently have a equivalent ???

if so, any docs ?

No, why would it?

Don’t use Haiku for any nuclear reactor control programs please.

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Somebody post the Haiku SCADA (?) monitoring program screenshot, i lost it, i think Premislaus posted it earlier, they using it in some coal-power-plant to monitor the processes.


i can use Haiku for whatever i want, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

This perpetual snark is becoming tedious, don’t you think?

Fewer and fewer people will engage in a discussion with you, knowing that sooner or later they’ll get bitten. Being a moderator, I have to skim all/most posts, but there are a few people, where I just sigh and don’t engage any further.
Just saying, you’re not just hurting other people, but in the end also your own experience of these forums.


Didn’t you want to fork the project to take your toxicity elsewhere?

to whom are you speaking ?

You. Though nephele tends to bite back. I imagine he’s still young and can’t just let things go… :slight_smile:


It was @SCollins that did “bite back” since @nephele was the one being rude (as is common from him) by commenting:

That is not a proper answer to a valid question posted by @SCollins:

I guess @SCollins’s reason to ask is his goal of using Haiku for CNC machining, a goal I share with him.

I observe the discussions on this forum and I am appalled by the treatment some of you guys give @SCollins. He stands on the right side of history, which most of you attacking him do not. I do not expect most of you to understand this comment, but I know @SCollins will. There is a very famous apocalyptic book written about this.

I agree that moderators should adhere to certain phrasing and neutrality. But it’s not always easy.

Sometimes, however, the right background information is missing and questions are thrown into the room half-described.

I take people as they are and I know how some react and answer, so I don’t take that seriously. It is more important for me that I answer in such a way that I do justice to my role as moderator. But normal users don’t have these obligations.

The written word can always be interpreted negatively or positively

The realtime patches for linux are to make linux a real time OS, this has nothing to do with Haiku.

Asking why someoene expects such patches to exist is a perfectly valid response to someone requesting said patches.

A realtime OS has very specific usecases, such as military or critical processes monitoring … such as in a nuclear reactor.

Haiku would likely be fine for the case of monitoring stuff on a control station, but it is wholly inadequate for any usecases requiring a realtime OS like the controling entity itself.

It is a sad world where a simple question is already percieved as rude, but luckily I don’t really have to care what you do or do not percieve as rude.

ahh you need mental health help, go reread the entire interaction without those victim glasses.

i wasn’t asking for your opinion

and Linux is a terrible ecosystem of problems, none of which i am interested in solving

Aggression does not bring improvement either.

if someone comes at me, I’m going to slap back.

I notice that, but is that effective?

would he do it in person ??

Do not understand the question. What would he do in person?