This is kinda like an introduction

I discovered Haiku in 2013 but only recently I decided to give it a try. I downloaded it and tried it in Qemu and VirtualBox (different computers, laptop and desktop) and I fell in love with it (especially how smooth it runs and how nice and clean the interface is). Then I tried booting it from USB and it worked pretty well except for 2 minor inconveniences (unsupported BCM4312 and touchpad only recognizes left click). I have no complaints about it and I’m just waiting until my WiFi card is supported to install it on my hard disk, meanwhile I will continue occasionally emulating it.

To the devs and other contributors: thank you for making this awesome operating system.

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According to , your card could be supported if you install the wifi firmwares. You can use the script if you have a wired connection, or from a VM and then copy the package to your native install.

Welcome! That’s why we are so loved BeOS and love Haiku: a great feeling when you feel that your computer is working for you, not you for it.

@PulkoMandy unfortunately it is not supported (according to this page). I have tried the script myself and I have also downloaded and installed the files manually but it doesn’t work. There is an old forum post about this describing the same problem:

As a reference here’s the ticket about it:

Don’t worry about it, I can wait, I know people here do it for free on their free time. I appreciate the passion and love that people dedicate to Haiku, I am not able to contribute code (I don’t understand enough to help) but if someone needs my hardware to run tests they can send me an USB image and I’ll happily help.

@damoklas exactly :slight_smile:

@FridayHaiku: Can you use my BeSly System Analysis Tool and send your hardware data? Will be fine to get more data for this project. And the data can be used to make bug reports.

Greetings Lelldorin

I can, to whom do I have to send it? After reading an old thread I see that I have to send it to you, if I also have to send it to someone else please let me know.

If you don’t mind I’ll do it tomorrow, sorry for delaying this, I am very tired today and I don’t have a working installation on my USB stick.

Yes send it to me, my mail address are included the send function of BeSly SAT or in the about window.


Okay, I think I will be able to send it to you tonight hardware data sent, I hope it is useful. I ran the tool and there are a few fields that I don’t know how to fill (I don’t know the exact model of the sound card, I don’t know how to answer the question about VESA mode and I am not really sure if this laptop has USB 2.0 or 1.0 ports) so sorry if the information I sent is not as complete as you expected.