Thinking about Scripting

As an aside, I did some digging into how Android uses the Binder, and was a little amazed to find that it’s involved in just about everything! Window management, program launching and so on. Kudos to Dianne H.!

So I guess, given the right environment, scripting/IPC is still a concept in the present era!

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Regarding Amiga and its “AREXX” ports, the ports are used more often than the language that spawned them. My favorite implementation was a visual language called the AmigaVision flow editor. For an excerpt of “The Computer Chronicles” about it see . The video doesn’t show the interprocess communication but it shows the language.

Heh – that brings back memories! Tim Bajarin still shows up sometimes as a guru on the local news. Looks a bit different now!

As I remember (dimly), ‘AREXX Ports’ were just standard Amiga MsgPorts, but with a specific packet format so that client and server could understand each other. As such they suffered from the same problem that if a server quit or died, a connected client would crash if it tried to send a message.

For what it is worth, regarding Binder/OpenBinder, there is some documentation here:

And waddlesplash made a copy of the code here:

And there seems to be another copy here which has maybe had some build fixes added:

I think Barrett has a point and we should at least take a look and learn some from this. It doesn’t mean we have to use the code but it does represent what the Be engineers were thinking for a new BeOS API, so it might make sense to let it influence ideas about Haiku R2.

I still think there is a lot of room for operating system innovation and Haiku could be part of that.