TheXTech game engine works

TheXTech is an opensource recreation of the engine used in SMBX, which was a fangame that allowed you to make 2D Mario games called episodes, using C++, SDL2, FreeImage and MixerX.

All what I did was follow the perfect instructions on how to build it on Haiku here

And here’s the result, it just works.
It’s very fun, and you can add as many episodes/games as you want.

Just so you know. The software itself doesn’t have any Nintendo-owned sprites or sounds, they are downloaded and put in the right location manually (by me).
Other assets can also be used, like the one called “Adventures of Demo”

If someone is interested in adding the software (the software only) to the depot, or help the developer make it into a neat .hpkg package, that would be cool.


If it builds out of the box it shouldn’t be to hard to create a recipe for it, looking at the link you posted above, doesn’t the release version contain all the submodules?

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I just checked again and the win64 release does provide the submodules as DLL files, the only missing thing is the configuration package (game assets). No haiku release but my build does have them independently from the system in a folder called lib.