I suppose you mean “maximize, minimize, close”. I prefer the current arrangement - close at the left, ‘zoom’ on the right and double-click to hide a window. It avoids clicking the wrong button accidentally.


All right, if coded copy with alt-c Then I am mistaked, but other users are confused also. When no response on ctrl-c I proved the menu opción copy and paste, with no result. The Windows Button for
rigth hand users, are no ergonomics.
I installed HiQDoc and when the mousse moves on the top right section of the desktop with the autohide option of the task bar, sometimes the mouse turns fool. No more clues. For the rest, I found a lot of apps in haiku, thing that is a great advance. Congratulations.:grinning:


The user guide informs on ALT being the default command key, the Quick Tour does, too, and every window’s menu items showing “ALT” in front of the key combo key should be a hint. :slight_smile:
The keymap preferences have a aptly named button to switch command keys.

You mean the Windows key (= OPT)? On the contrary, I’d say it’s a bit unergonomic for lefties as I can keep the right hand on the mouse and the left near the modifier keys.


What I’ve found helps is to print stickers for PC keyboard keys using my Mac to make the modifiers aesthetically easier to see and read (I’m used to the position of Alt as a Mac user, since it’s in the same spot as the command key). Although users can always swap the key positions as we both know too (and it’s what I do on my Mac, so Alt gets mapped to the command key; Haiku maps Cmd to the option key on a MacBook keyboard).