The system does not support 32 kernel


The system does not support 32 kernel
My computer is the Dell-Gx270
However, it failed to install the system on the hard drive to be a basic operating system

  • Also the system does not support writing in Arabic and this is a serious error ,.
  • Where do generous donations go,?
    I must be the goal of the system is to support old computers.
    I have to pay attention to the languages ​​that are written from right to left.
    The number of languages ​​written from right to left is too large,
    Arabic-Hebrew-الفارسية- and others,
    All these people are poor people and have very old computers, so I’d better support those computers to ensure that the number of real users will increase



32 bit systems should work, what is your problem exactly?

We would like to support Arabic and other right to left languages, but we need someone with knowledge of such languages and ideally of how they work with regard to Unicode and text rendering. It is hard for us to know if we get this right, and even to know the challenges to face.


First: I want to install the system on the computer, and the system does not agree to be fully opened, opens (blue screen) only and stops working,
I suspect that the iso file of your 32 bit copy is corrupted. I’m bored, 15 days ago and I’m trying. I hope that the iso file is reviewed and tested,
Second: With regard to obtaining a software engineer of Arab origin to help you in the Arabization of the system, this is very easy,
But, you, my friend, proud people, do not advertise your need for such an Arab engineer,
You despise Arab countries (as I think)

  • You can write an ad (about the need of the project to an Arab programmer), you will find dozens, if not hundreds, of Arab volunteer programmers,


See last item at

We are an open source project to create an OS. We couldn’t care less if you’re arab, israeli, hindu or marsian. We don’t advertise. We rely on volunteers that want to work on the project. If no arabic users are able to promote the OS to their fellow devs, the OS won’t change by itself to accommondate their needs.


At least in America (and I think most of Europe too), “advertising” for volunteer developers on open-source projects in most ways is laughed at if not taken as completely poor taste. Perhaps there is a cultural difference here.

We want to help users use Haiku, and in fact we have listed “implement support for right-to-left writing systems” as a GSoC Idea for many years now, hoping that an interested GSoC student who was fluent in such a language would select it as a project. But none of the current developers are skilled in it, and so we have stayed away from it for lack of expertise.

You can see the same was true of support for Japanese and other Asian languages: while these are usually written left-to-right and don’t require much work on the UI-layout side, the Asian input methods are largely maintained by community members from those countries, not developers who are not.


maybe can you more clearly tell us where exactly haiku stop working…
i’m indonesian and can read and write arabic sentence… but my knowledge of arabic meaning is limited…
for iso file corrupted … maybe you can check hash iso file before burn it…


maybe you can help haiku by promoting it to your friend and arab programmer…


I’ve installed all the isos recently. Betas, nightlies, both 32 and 64 bit. They aren’t corrupted. Perhaps your computer has hardware that is not yet supported. Perhaps your copy of the iso got corrupted in download or burning. What program did you use to burn the iso?