The path of least resistance

If the application to form a non-profit organization isn’t granted, could a religion be founded instead?

It’s just that religions seem to be purpose designed to accept money plus new religious holidays can be declared.

From what Michael said at WalterCon, essentially we have been approved, but just have to tie up a few loose ends. I wouldn’t worry about the non-profile status.

Let’s start a religion anyway :slight_smile:


Tenzin wrote:
Let's start a religion anyway :)

Oh, Tenzin, you just want to indulge your papal fantasies… :wink:

Hi Czeslaw…

…yet again,I join a forum the day after you do :slight_smile:


Tenzin wrote:
...yet again, I join a forum the day after you do :)

Actually, I beat you to the BeOSJournal forum by two days, not one day… :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that over time I’m losing my lead… :wink:

Oh, so I’m an ‘oddball’ am I? And there I was, thinking that my suggestion - given with utmost sincerity btw - had been deleted as a result of attracting no further replies after a period of time.

Well, [hands on hips] religion or not, I’m having a bloody holiday anyway.

Actually, [hands off hips as hands now bear hat] truth be told, I’m in need of a job!

I vote for the path of most resistance:

Well, whatever the path, I’ll be sure to go arse-backwards all the way.