The end of Haiku x86?

Unless Haiku gets UEFI working by default, doesn’t this mean you won’t be able to run Haiku x86 on Intel systems after 2020? If so, we have about 2 more years to stop this ticking timebomb. Sure, shouldn’t necessarily affect AMD systems, but if you notice… where Intel goes, AMD tends to follow. Hence why there was Slot 1 vs Slot A. i3, i5, i7 vs. Ryzen 3, 5, and 7. Hmm?

Haiku has UEFI “working by default” already, you just need to drop the haiku_loader.efi into your system’s EFI partition and then it should “just work”. There is a ticket somewhere about adding the EFI loader to the anyboot images (there is already a procedure for doing this, we just need to rework the build system to use it.)

So we have already stopped the timebomb :slight_smile:


x86, even the regular 32 bit kind isn’t going away in 2020 - just BIOS.