The annoucement for WalterCon 2005 sounds inviting

The annoucement for WalterCon 2005 sounds inviting.

Where can I find a list of the activities and event topics?

Also, are there any special attendees or VIP people in attendance that can speak to activities in the Haiku/BeOS community?

Send a reply soon… airfare to Las Vegas is going up.


I am not officially in the loop, but I imagine that the activities and event topics are still somewhat up in the air. I know that Darkwyrm has been discussing stuff to demo with the app-server team. At the rate that things are progressing, that should be interesting. As far as interesting people go, I remember that the last WalterCon had Michael Phipps, Darkwyrm, Tyler Dauwalder, Andrew Bachman, Koki, a bunch of BeUnited people, and probably some others that I am forgetting. Most of the “normal” people were rather interesting as well. It sounds that this year will be more informal than last year, but I expect that most developers will bring something interesting to show (I am hoping to get something done before then, but I doubt that is going to happen).