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Hey guys…

I got a fresh install of BeOS going about a month ago now, and installed the via driver and two media pieces linked to from it on BeBits (mixer 0.4 among them). I have a Via MVP4 or something close to that, according to the mixer, but I don’t think that was listed. Anyway, it’s really neat that I can play oggs in Media Player much better now (but there’s still some crackle), but when I play an MP3, it’s a few percent too fast. Anyone else have this happen? I have to play it in CL-Amp and turn the speed down to 97% or 96% of normal to have it sound right. I was singing to some tunes and didn’t notice right off, but it started making me edgy, because it’s a really subtle way of something being “off” when you haven’t heard it in awhile… :stuck_out_tongue:

That, and vlc doesn’t like to play AVIs very long any more. I have the same video card as before, but before I had a Turtle Beach Montego II based on some Vortex chipset I think; vlc worked a lot better then, despite a slower processor.

Anyway, the build factory’s still down, so I haven’t been able to try it on anything newer…


Maybe you could try the cpu_fix driver. Even if your CPU is below 2.1GHz, there were reports of fixed crackle and fixed VLC problems.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it, and restarted, but same thing…for the record, I’ve only got a PIII 933, so I said no when it asked if I wanted to apply the >2.1 GHz patch and said yes to the other one. Should I try doing it again with yes to both?


Yes worth a try. That patch just makes it recalculate the frequency of your CPU. With the patch it was much more accurate on my < 2 GHz AMD.

However most of the reports of success with < 2 GHz processors seemed to come from AMD users, so it might not work for you.

I think your sound-driver is the problem. It sounds like it’s using 48KHz frequency when it should use 44KHz. It has not been to uncommon before. Dunno how to solve it though, except better drivers.

The “cpu_fix” was the only thing that helped me to drastically reduce the sound glitches I was getting in my system:

SiS7018 on-board sound card, AMD K7 @ 900 MHz (sis7018 driver is not of the multi-audio kind).

I’d also have an Aural Vortex (AU8820) sound card, and that one always worked flawlessly.

IIRC, the sample-rate of the Vortex one was 44.1 KHz (had to remove it to make room for my TV Tuner card), while the SiS7018 uses 48 KHz.

I don’t remember exactly what the difference was between the reported CPU frequency before and after I’ve installed the cpu_fix, although I remember it wasn’t big at all. Neverless, it did had a positive impact for me.

(for the record, I got the same results with the mixer.media_addon from the media_kit upgrade and with the Haiku’s one)

The MVP4 runs at 48Khz under R5 when it should be 44.1Khz. Well known issue. Soundplay even has a direct hackaround for it in its preferences

Only cure: Use another soundcard, unfortunately. Or possibly use Dano’s drivers.

I haven’t tested for the sound speed yet, but the vlc issue went away when I tried installing the updated audio drivers and mixer from BeBits. Apparently before I had only installed 1 or 2 of the 3 things floating around there, I’m not sure why, because I had thought I’d installed them all. Anyway, I’ll try playing some music when I’m back to my Be machine in a few days…thanks guys.