Thanks for a Nice New Haiku Release


It’s really much simpler to just mention in the doc the well known and trusted gui tools like “USBwrite.exe” , “universal-usb-installer.exe”, imageusb.exe etc… and provied links to their respective download sites, as for the linux/unix users there are tools like “fedoraMediaWriter” and the above mentionned ones also exist for them.


The website accepts pull requests, and you can write articles about these tools and contribute them.

Being an happy dd user myself, I have no knowledge of such GUI tools so I can’t write the articles, or have no interest in doing so.


But if you can write down some intetesting shell command sequences for haiku, people can use it for a gui.


a tool that lists drives you’re writing an image to vs one that you describe the drive you’re writing the image to makes a great deal of difference, and is the whole reason it’s always recommended to list your drives first to make sure you’ve got the right one before using dd, every time. a utility can and will write over the mounted system partition and so choosing from a menu listing and describing those discs rather than writing out a disc location that could be wrong makes all the difference in the world, especially for someone new and that’s the whole reason the article i linked exists.

i, too, am a happy dd user and i’ve spoken to a number of other happy dd users who’ve had the less happy experience of writing to the system disk on the odd occasion it mounted to /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sda.


We’d certainly welcome having such an utility. It would also be a rather simple task to create, so a great opportunity for newcomers who always wanted to contribute :slight_smile:


i’m not suggesting we have one, i’m suggesting we suggest one or at least point to the article that already does as opposed to suggesting dd alone for anyone making haiku installation media from linux or bsd, as we currently do.


While anyone missing such recommendations for all this time could have contributed them, we have created GCI tasks this year to research the various suitable apps. I’ll probably end up compiling the results.


anyone missing the recommendations couldn’t contribute them without knowing them first. also, this would be in the message viewable by people downloading and installing haiku for the very first time, so,

i don’t know why the hostility, especially when you add there’s already work being done to this end. but also, i already posted a link to a place where the work has already been done (over here) and so i’m literally not demanding much extra work on anyone’s part beyond putting a link on the page we have that already exists. i can write up something, myself, though i have no idea what a pull request even is and have never touched github except to report bugs and so far as editing a page here or writing something new on our frontfacing site goes, there’s nothing i can do without some help. so, add a link or tell me how and i can do it. i already found the things, i already made the case for needing the tools, all that’s left is to cut it away from the excess and put a bow on it.


What should a haiku user with a linux description? Of course there are similarities and who knows something about it may come in but a description for haiku itself would be more appropriate.

Of course it is always easier to post external links in order to save work, but it should always be remembered that the webmaster of a website is responsible for their content, so the links to this are linked.


the part of the guide suggesting dd isn’t for users already in haiku – there, the recommendation is a combination of haiku’s drivesetup and installer – good tools that communicate clearly which disk you’re partitioning and which partition you’re installing to.

the dd suggestion is for linux and unix users looking to freshly install haiku, and being the suggestion that’d reach first time prospective haiku users, it’s the most hazardous possible suggestion. these tools being outside of haiku is also why i posted a link and suggested sharing links to outside articles with tool suggestions rather than giving advice on external tools here on in both of my posts in this thread which contain that link.


I am Linux user and I prefer GUI apps.


i’ve been talking about gui apps this whole time. it’s our current install guide that suggests dd for linux and unix users. the link i’ve twice posted is gui apps. i’m saying we need to be pointing at gui apps rather than or in addition to dd.


On submitting pull requests:

  • Go to and press the “fork” button. This will create a working copy of our website for you
  • In your copy, make the changes to the page (I think it is at content/guides/installing/making_haiku_usb_stick.html in the repo, when viewing the file there is a “pencil” button to edit it online)
  • Then go to the “pull request” tab and click “new pull request”, and follow the instructions there.


hello in linux has used an application called echer and has been great to create usb initializables of haiku can download it in this site:

just connect the usb and choose the iso of haiku and you’re done