Thank you Waldemar for your contributions!

As Waldemar Kornewald has recently posted on the Haiku mailing list that he will be pursuing other hobbies in life, I want to publicly express my thanks for his contibutions to the Haiku network team.

I have loosely followed his accomplishments on PPP, Dialup networking, and the net stack in general, and he has certainly contributed a fair amount of his time and effort to assist the Haiku network team.

Thank you Waldemar!


Right! Thanks Waldemar, for making major contributions in the networking area. Iโ€™ll miss seeing your name in the cvs-digests as I grew kinda fond of itโ€ฆ :slight_smile:

Take care!

Thanks Waldemar for all your contributions.

Wish you the best. Cheers,