TextMate going open source (GPLv3)

Here’s a great code editor for Mac going open source…


I saw this as well. TextMate is obviously made only for OS X currently, so porting it over to Haiku would likely be quite a bit of work. I also worry that it was coded without portability in mind, so that could make things more difficult than they need to be. That all said, I am quite a fan of Sublime Textnowadays. Some people say it is essentially the successor to TextMate, and TextMate snippets and language grammars even work on it natively. Actually, a lot of TextMate bundles work just fine in Sublime as well. Since Sublime is already working on OS X, Windows, and Linux, I think it has an easier chance of being ported over to Haiku one day. That said, it’s closed source with a sole developer, so it’d probably take a lot of convincing for him to make a Haiku port.

All of that said, I do look forward to seeing what the community does with TextMate, as I suspect one of the first things we’ll see is a port to Linux. If that happens, that means that a Haiku port could become a reality as well.