Terminology suggestion

I’ve been looking at a lot of projects that are BeOS related and it seems to me that everything that isn’t an app is being called a kit.

This abuse of the terminology is going to confuse many people (old and new users alike). The breaking up of system components into sub catagories such as the original kits was a great organizational idea on Be’s part. What I suggest is that we continue that tradition by treating larger subsections of the system as kits.

As such I believe that the originals should stay. Only larger more globally scaled systems should be allowed to use the “kit” metaphore. Smaller subsections of these larger kits could be called something else. I think they should be called bags.

So for example instead of the imkit. It should be the im bag, which would be a part of the web kit. Another example would be the interface kit. This original kit could be divided into bags for widgets, graphics, helpers, etc…

It will take a while to bang out the proper terminology for these new systems, but if we continue to call every added feature a “kit” it is going to lead to having dozens, or hundreds of kits. This defeats the original organizational intentions of having the metaphore in the first place.

Just my thoughts.

Not sure I like the ‘bag’ metaphor…

Shouldn’t the instant messaging kit be part of the network kit? After all, that’s what it is; just a different level of the OSI 7 layer model.

yes it would be part of the network kit. But it would be a bag inside the network kit. The use of the bag metaphore would be for clarity in developer documentation. I’m not saying we sould lose the kit metaphore, just extend it to allow for more specific breakdowns.

Yeh, I don’t loike the bag terminology either - but I agree too many things are being called “kits” now. The name also seems like they are official parts of the OS - I’m sure my completely 100% native, BeOS style messenger Bme will not have as many users as the im_kit, as the im_kit just sounds more like an official part of the OS.

Well, in any case we need a label for subkits. All these “kit” projects are blurring the lines. The only reason I chose bag is that its short, container like and fits the current scheme. Any other suggestions would be great, but something should be decided on. The air is getting thick :wink: