Just found Haiku 2 days ago.
I used BeOS from version 4.0 through 5.03. I sadly gave it up in 2002. I am now running Haiku in a VMWare window under XP. I have rudimentary networking functioning, though the only internet applicaiton I have to use is ftp.
If I close a Terminal window, I cannot start a new one. I have a build from 2 weeks ago.
I’ll get to finding a www browser. Just want to get some of these minor things adjusted.

By the way. This is awesome. I’m enjoying Haiku.

I actually thought this was fixed before, but I guess not. It’s a known issue.

The best thing you can do is install ProcessController (from the list of apps) and use the “New Terminal” option there - it seems to always work.

IIRC, the problem is some Mime signature that Tracker/Deskbar is attempting to use when loading the Terminal app - and it fails…

Search the bug database at Haiku Trac for more info.

(hint: http://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/627)

That works.I’ll use that as a workaround.
I can also ftp around. Grabbed a few images from my web site.

Thank you.
Next up: a web browser

This is fun …

You can test out the version of firefox (R5 net_server build) from bebits - but you’ll have to create a blank profile and copy it over first before you attempt to start it. It also doesn’t really accept mouse input, so you’ll have to stick to keyboard commands (hint: alt-d gets you to the address bar)