Terminal library needed to compile vim with gcc

We’ve got Haiku up and running, but REALLY want to have vim. We downloaded the source code and tried to compile it, but we got the error message “no terminal library found”. It says that we have to install a terminal library such as ncurses, or specify the name of one that is installed. Is there one installed that will let us compile vim? If so what is the name of it? If we have to download one, which one is recommended? Should we download ncurses?

Hello once again!
Luckily, there’s no need to compile from source. Haiku has a built package manager where you can install vim. “HaikuDepot” is the GUI package manager app and you can search for vim there to install it. Else, in the Terminal, you can use the “pkgman” command. For example, typing “pkgman install vim” would also install vim.

As CodeforEvolution already stated, you can just install vim using the package manager.

There is also a ncurses6 package available, which provides libncurses if you really want to build vim from source for some reason.