Terminal confusion

After some tinking, I found out how to open the Terminal:

Haiku -> Applications -> Terminal


Desktop (right-click) -> Add-ons -> Open Terminal

Desktop -> Option+Alt+T

I spend 90% of my development time in terminals, so I need to be able to access them quickly.

How can I create a launcher on the Desktop? The Desktop -> New menu should have a launcher option.

Opt+Alt+T doesn’t work for me in VMware Fusion / Mac OS X, since the option key is the alt key. I’ve tried adding Fn and Shift to the key combination, to no avail. Could the hotkey be changed?

Hi mcandre,

yep, Terminal is an application. :slight_smile:
You may want to check out the User Guide where some of the basics are answered, BTW.

To solve your quick access to Terminal, there are several options:

  1. You could just put a link to it on the Desktop. Click Deskbar -> Applications to open its Tracker window and drag&drop Terminal with the right mouse button to the Desktop and create a link.

  2. Use the Shortcuts preferences to add a custom shortcut.

  3. Start a Terminal on every bootup automatically by creating a link to it in ~/config/boot/launch/.

  4. Run LaunchBox from the “Desktop applets” and put a Terminal there.

  5. Shameless plug QuickLaunch provides quick access to any app. Use the Shortcuts prefs to assign it a key combo like OPT+SPACE.



Where is the Terminal app located, so that I might “ln -s” it into ~/config/boot/launch?

Right-clicking Terminal in Deskbar -> Applications just opens another Terminal window; it won’t let me drag it onto the Desktop.

LaunchBox doesn’t stay on top, so fullscreen apps like WebPositive obscure it.

It would be nice if LaunchBox automatically created empty slots when you drag icons into it, rather than having to discover by trial and error the Right-click -> Add button here menu option.

It’s in /boot/system/apps. Deskbar -> Find… can search it for you (double-click on the path in the result window to open its folder).

That’s why I wrote “Click Deskbar -> Applications”, not the Terminal entry there. :slight_smile:

You can activate its “Auto-raise” setting from the context menu (just like with Deskbar BTW).

Context menus are so ubiquitous in Haiku, it’s very natural to try a right-click if there are no other obvious menus/controls. As for auto-inserting dropped items: that would mess with the much more often used feature to open a document by dragging it onto the app on a slot.