Temperature gauge for Haiku

Temperatures are rising all over the Northern hemisphere, and those Haiku users without air-conditioning risk boiling their machines.

Is there a little app that I have overlooked which will display the system temperature?

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Seems as haiku dotn have HPET or any sensor as i know :3 but it should not to be a hard thing i suppose(i am not a dev)

I think PowerStatus displays the battery temperature, yes?

But most modern machines have an auto-shutoff on high temperature anyway.

Are you saying we can’t check IsComputerOnFire in Haiku?


Return 0;

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The Powerstatus does not return battery or any other temperature, sadly.

There is something called Palladin which might do so if you have the right sort of MoBo, but I have not looked into it in detail as I don’t know whether I have such a motherboard, or whether Palladin does in fact work.

Palladin is a devel environment, it have nothing to do with temperatures, afaik.

On any modern hardware you would get the info through acpi, so it should once again be “only” a matter of writing an acpi temperature sensor driver


something as psensors?

No, psensors is just a gui to lm-sensor and hddtemp.

the only driver of this kind is the “LM78 motherboard sensor haiku32”? is not any other there?