Team Haiku - King of the Net!

Greetings gentlemen. May I note that Team Haiku continue with great strides to get to the top slots of all DC projects we’re committed to. It’s time to drop some info on what’s happening.

It seems that Net related projects is where Team Haiku shines at the moment. There are at least 3 projects which are completely focused on the web where we do really well (but can obviously be better). They are as follows

Majestic 12 - Where we enjoy slot 12 in Total production.

Dimes - Where we’re at slot 18

Depspid - Where we’re at 41.

Depspid seems to be having problems sending work units at the moment but we’re progressing well there.

Any help any newcomers can offer to these, or any other projects are of great apprecation.

List of other projects and their status

Depspid has actually been down since September 24 or so.

Here is the latest update from

“Sun, 11 Nov 2007 — Project restart delayed
The restart of the project is currently delayed. There are two reasons for this delay: The main reason is a hardware failure which occurred more than one month ago. It took some weeks to find the cause for the hardware failure: a damaged graphics adapter. The faulty graphics adapter was replaced yesterday but the maintenance of the backend database which was the original reason for the long outage was interrupted due to the hardware failure and still needs to be done. The second reason is that a new spider application is currently being build and tested. This new spider version needs to be ready before the project will be restarted. The current estimation is that there will be another two or three weeks before the project will restart.”

But I must say we are doing very well and any help others are willing to give would be great :slight_smile:

Haicube: Thanks for the synopsis :slight_smile:

Looks like we got another hard-hitting member of Team Haiku’s Majestic-12 team: batkerson

Thanks for joining our efforts to promote Haiku while also contributing bandwidth to an interesting internet search-engine project :slight_smile:

For anyone interested in helping out with Dimes, let me know. I have some interesting tricks which are actually quite fun and give you an opportunity to test VMWare Server to its limits :wink: Otherwise Dimes is a pretty low-resource project that can run in the background on any standalone Windows/Linux/OS X machine running Java 1.4 or newer.

I can’t wait for Depspid to come back with new work… we could make some good strides on that project.

I just noticed batkerson! He/she definitely is a heavy hitter on MJ12. Welcome to the team :slight_smile: