Taking a break... (just for a bit)

Hello everyone, (as you may have noticed), I haven’t been posting as much, etc. lately, and that’s because there’s a personal project (not software related) I’ve been trying to finish.

Hopefully, once I have time to give to Haiku stuff again, I will have my Beta 1 review (and accompanying article of BeOS features) ready to share, some hardware of my own to add to the Haiku Hardware List I’ve been maintaining, and a Haiku wallpaper idea for everyone. Have an awesome day, all; thanks! :slight_smile:


Back from break; I’ll be posting stuff soon as I can finish it all. Thanks everyone!

Edit added 11/19/18: Actually, still working on stuff, so extending my break from Haiku for a bit longer, everyone. My backdrop idea should be posted to the Haiku wallpapers thread in the meantime!