System sounds don't play at all

Something I’ve noticed since I’ve been using Haiku is that no system sound events I set ever seem to play. While the Sounds application lets me set sounds, they never play at designated moments (no startup sound, etc.) I’ve tried setting WAV and AIFF files, but no dice.

This isn’t a deal killer at all, but just more of a curiosity. Is it something that needs to be finished? Or is it something with an easy fix?

Nobody bothered to fix it :slight_smile:

Only the startup sound ahould work!

Except no matter what I do, it never plays. Guess like @nephele said, no one’s bothered to fix it.

It would’ve been cool to start my system up and be greeted by this startup sound:


Relevant Trac tickets: #15295, #17150, #1902

You can try adding media_client play /path/to/your/sound.mp3 to ~/config/settings/boot/UserBootscript.

Didn’t work. media_client instead gets stuck and doesn’t close cleanly; I have to kill the process to get rid of it. Also, while it’s stuck, no other apps play sound.

Does media_client work normally, after complete bootup?
If so, you may want to add a “sleep 2” or something before calling it in the UserBootscript. If that works (maybe adjusting the number of seconds of sleep), you could check if it hangs, because the media_server wasn’t ready yet. If so, you could streamline it by using “waitfor media_server” instead of the “sleep” line.
Just something to play around… :slight_smile:

Startup sound used to not release the mixer #16739 but at least it was playing and not blocking the server.

No dice using that either.

Like I mentioned, it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work right now; I was more curious than anything.

I’ll look into this soon. The start up sound not playing is probably some sort of race condition, as there is code for it. As for other events I don’t think we even have any code to play a sound for some of the other events, so that has to be added. That is probably relatively straightforward once the media_server can play the start up sound.

@LambdaCalculus I would be curious if media_client works for you once the system is fully booted and running (and maybe you ensure you can play other sounds.) Either way this stuff should work, and media_client running at start-up should not cause it to lock up like that and block sound :confused:


I use Haiku nightly 64 and 32bit, and both startup sound works for me…

We already had few discussions on the forum around the event sounds subject, notably at time of the sound contest. It turns out that except the startup sound and some notifications, most people like it silent. It probably explains why nobody rushed to add this.

Did you try with a sound from the contest? (results here) If it works then it could be a problem of format.

I prefer system sounds for a lot of different actions and notifications. Mac OS classic was great with system sounds.

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I tried running media_client from the terminal, and it worked there when I pointed it to a WAV file.

Downloaded the file in webm, extracted and converted audio (with avidemux) and for me it works.
I put my converted file on Google Drive here, if you want to test it.

Are the system sound collections going to be packaged up for install? Will Haiku have a default system sound set installed? I think it’s important to have that out of the box.

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The contest page indicates that winner scheme will be included in R1, so yes.
I guess that only startup sound will be assigned by default and the user will have to assign the others if wanted. Sounds app will probably need a revamp too. Maybe a way to allow saving a full sound scheme could be added here. Another way would be to incorporate it to an external app with all advanced customisations parameters for the desktop…

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Still no luck. I can hear it from media_client in the terminal, but it still doesn’t play at startup. But I do have working sound on my laptop (using a Lenovo ThinkPad X220), as everything else plays sound just fine.

I’m on hrev56350 x86_64, for the record.

Well the peson who organized the contest said that without formal agreement from the team. It’s a bit annoying because now, if someone provides a sound theme better than the ones entered in the contest, we can’t use that instead…

Anyway, for me this is a very low priority thing, I don’t really want system sounds, and if no one implements it before R1 I don’t mind if it gets delayed to a later release (R1.1 or so). So now you just need to find someone who wants to implement it :slight_smile:

Not really true, you could provide both sound schemes but, you would have also to provide a way to switch between them. :laughing: