'Switching Displays (different resolution)' Small improvement Ideas?

Did someone make a ticket with the list of affected applications already?

So far I think we have:

  • Tracker
  • WebPositive
  • Screen preferences

Anything else?

Workspaces maybe?

DiskUsage was also hiding off screen size

@PulkoMandy, so polite :wink:

Not yet, I haven’t opened a ticket yet. Have to do the test with all apps. In my case, for now:
Those are the ones that have proven to be “bad boys” as of now. I’ll check with the others I have installed and open ticket.

Thanks for the reminder :wink:


Also replicants position should be checked

11 year old ticket :wink: That’s a long time :smiley:

I I actually have the same problems in Windows with some apps. Guess Windows behaves the same way.

Clipdinger and the Haiku about window