Swift APIs should be a priority

Offering Swift-based UI APIs should be a top priority to facilitate wider adoption and software development. I have first hand experience with Swift in complex software and can say with certainty it helps create some very robust software with relative ease. If Haiku had a full Swift SDK, I think there would be a lot more developer interest.

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To support mulitpy languanges and to prevent incompatabilties between compiler versions Haiku really needs its API in C with a C++ and other lanugage wrappers, since the ABI for C++ isn’t standard. Although having the C++ API as a wrapper could really hamper it. Maybe we could fix that by having a C wrapper around it? Just my 2 cents on it

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I think macOS covers the need for Swift developers quite well. So, why not use that?

It’s fun how with every macOS and iOS release we get some devs coming to Haiku and asking us to be more like the previous version of iOS/macOS. We are not, sorry :slight_smile:

I work with Swift on a business level too and it is NOT recommanded for productive use in this kind of project. The language is still unfinished and evolving in a way API breaks left and right with ever new major release. Besides software quality is dictated by how you “use” a language less the language sugar coating. Sure optionals is nice but unwrapping is crap (it hard-crashes your application forcing you to make unwrap-function hacks an being unable to throw an non hard-crash error deep inside a software where you have no influence on the software above is just impossible). Besides Swift has horrible unmanaged memory handling (UnsafePointer? God help us… NOOOOOO!!!).

Sure, Haiku is not Mac OS (or macOS), but it shares a lot of the simplicity and ease of use from Macintosh that made me fall in love with the BeOS in the first place. (Particularly Mac OS 9 looks and feels somewhat like a cousin.) I don’t think it would be such a bad thing if more Mac devs and users came to Haiku and were to switch to Haiku. But that is just my small opinion – nothing more. Just thought I’d make a note of this for the Mac users out there. :slight_smile:

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I do not think that Swift should be a priority. This language has its problems, like the patents hold by Apple. Imagine that Apple in the future change his mind and starts claim a fee for the usage. However I am open for making the Swift API for Haiku of course if I get Swift working on my machine.

C++ API is the priority. Why Swift? Why not Rust?

This could rapidly end up as “We need (language name here)!”

Personally I’d go for porting Node or .Net, but that’s just my $0.02.

mono is a better option than switf… to me of course.

Python… if we are already at it

Prolog and haskell and … world domination mwuhahahahaaa!

Even better: SmallTalk. pW3nZ ya all :smiley:

pkgman install rust :slight_smile:

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