Supported / Recommended NetBook?

I have just downloaded the Alpha ISO and booted it on my Ultra 20 workstation and am very very impressed! I would like to buy a NetBook to run Haiku on as a day to day OS and am wondering if anyone has any experiences with particular makes and models and could make a recommendation?

Any info suggestion very much appreciated…

Che Kristo

my Asus eeepc 904HA runs great, it still needs the “ath” wireless driver to be ported, but the wired “ale” driver works.

richienyhus have you tested out the new haiku atheros driver?

If you try it out remember it will only work for open enencrypted networks and there are a few other limitations too at the moment

@che thats cool that its working on Sun x86 hw

Che this would be a good question to also ask in the Haiku IRC channel, as I am sure some people there would be using netbooks at the time. I hear some of the Acer Aspire One netbooks work too.

No I did not know the prototype was the codename ath driver, but it would have to be as I just checked and all the other wireless atheros drivers are for USB devices.

I’ll have a go at my local library on their unencrypted network.