Supported Nvidia Chipset?


I am curious if the GeForce 6150 and nForce 430 chipsets are natively supported in Haiku yet? I am looking into buying an AMD mobo for a new computer and I want the new PC to fully support Haiku. With that I am hoping there are native Nvidia drivers and not the VESA driver. I want at least 2D acceleration (preferably 3D as well) and the nForce support so I can use audio.




Yep I have with that chipset: -graphics work perfect with Rudolf driver,
-network work,
-sound work with OSS driver only for now (HDA detected with native driver too but not work),

BTW: do you from Poland(surname)?

3d isn’t supported at all on Haiku at this point only software 3d however it is being worked on.

I think 2D is accelerated but even software 2D is pretty fast on haiku

Many thanks on your reply. And yes my surname (Nawrocki) is of Polish origin… yet I am not from mainland Poland. I am a US citizen. By the way, where can I get the Rudolf Nvidia driver?


It is included by default in Haiku. I also have that chipset working fine. (even dualhead support. The bebits link seems down, but an archive appears to be here: )

Excellent. I just ordered the Biostar MCP6P M2+ motherboard. Now all I got to do is get the rest of the components.

Last question, what is the difference between the OSS driver and the HDA driver for the audio? I’m not sure why the OSS one works and the HDA one doesn’t. Thanks!


OSS (Open Sound System ) driver comes from Unix. Was ported to Haiku. Works with lots of audio chipsets. You’ll have heard of it on Linux (OSS vs ALSA)

The HDA (high definition audio) driver works with hd audio chipsets/cards. It is newer and not fully complete yet. In theory, it should support all HD audio chips. That motherboard appears to have Realtek ALC662 (HD Audio).

You’ll want to file a bug report and maybe it can be added to HDA driver once you have Haiku installed.

Thanks for all your fine responses. I figured as much that the mobo I ordered should be very Haiku friendly. Once I get all the parts and install Haiku, I’ll have to make a video of it in action. :smiley:

You guys rock!