Support TeamHaiku

It’s been a while since I posted about this last time, but I figure I can post again.

TeamHaiku is making efforts in the distributed computing project SB17.

As you can see, I almost alone (Zoink) came up to position 50 (currently 52) with our team.

If any of you guys have any spare cycles on your boxes (may it be a BeOS, Windows or *Nix box) please help out.

I figure sort of that this might be a good way of proving that we have a strong community by getting high on some of these lists which often have many computer enthusiasts participate in.

I thought I’d join up … unfortunately I couldnt get my original username back so … I’m sikosis2 :frowning:

Funnily, like the other team members, you seem to enjoy Paintball as well =)

Hope we get more people joining up, I’d love to see us keep strawling up the ladder =)

Thanks for more support. We’ve gained position 51… and we’re soon in position 50 =) Good job guys.

yeh we have a spare Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz HT box that’s sitting here doing nothing … so I thought why not :wink:

i joined too! just now, I have a dual xeon 3.2 with 2.5MB on on chip cache on each proc in the mix! let’s see if it bumps a little!
side note, I have another one of these dell 1600sc systems in the basement waiting for Haiku, in my brief pokes around this site, I saw the scsi probably won’t work, but any thoughts on an ata drive in there? i can’t wait to insall my newly burned alpha CD but I don’t want to waste time on a system that will protest too much…

I put all of my horsepower (Dual-Xeon 5150 machine) to the army, i hope it will bump a little bit. :slight_smile:

heya, I was just looking at our team stats, no one is running! I bet we can really jump if even HALF the people turned the prog on for a few days…!

I’m sure my computer working all day long, but i don’t know, why it don’t show up correctly: (It looks like not working, but i’m sure it is running). There is a problem with it? My userID: miqlas

did you edit the prime.txt file in the directory to include your userID ? if you open the file it will say louie in there, gotta put in your userID

I have a Core 2 duo at work I am forced to run windows XP on (what a waste!) As such it’s been chugging 17-or-bust for haiku for quite a while… I’m only at #17 for the team and need to step it up a bit.

Thanks for all the hard work!

will join with 2 machines, lets get the haiku name on top.

I’m attempting to join using BOINC since the Seventeen Or Bust site says you can use BOINC now. … No clue if the work I’m doing is actually properly counting for the team…