Support On VirtualBox & VMWare Workstation

The latest nightly build seems to work really well in both VMs so THANKS for this great work!

But the support isn’t 100% complete and I hope someone that has charge over this can improve this.

In VirtualBox there is no USB support for portable devices, when plugging them in, they aren’t seen in Haiku.

Next AC97 support doesn’t seem to be working great in VMware for;

vendor 1274: Ensoniq - device 1371: ES1371 [AudioPCI-97]

I hope real soon we can see improvements to these!


Actually after I posted this I unchecked the 2.0 EHCI USB support in VirtualBox and I was able to get the USB working, needless to say, we still need 2.0 support…

Here’s a screen shot of everything working for me on a Sony Vaio running Slackware 13.37 Host with Haiku Guest in VirtualBox 4.1.20;