Support for whole disk encryption?

I havent been able to find a way to run haiku with FDE… one post I found said that there used to be a truecrypt build for haiku but it’s out of date and won’t work with the current haiku.

for me this is pretty much the last thing haiku would need to actually be usable on a laptop. any way to jerry rig this?

for example, install haiku on ext4 (if possible) and encrypt the ext4 partition with LUKS and use a grub loader to load haiku?

awesome work on beta 2, guys. amazing productivity of the haiku team.



It’s not possible to install on ext4. It’s not possible to use grub this way, either, because it can only chainload our own bootloader.

So, yes, you’ll have to wait for Axel’s to be available.
I think the current state is that it works, except for the boot drive. But you could at least encrypt your data partition, which is a start.

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thanks for the info