Support for SVG icons

Fairly self explanatory.

I want that too. Badly. Maybe in R2?

Relax guys :slight_smile: It will probably be a reality later on. And, you will probably be able to install those SVG enabled Tracker/Deskbar versions as well - in R1!

svg is much easier than bitmaps since you don’t need several versions of the same icon, but only one. and scales seamlessly.

i would request the feature to have all icons in svg. i think kdesktop is the only one that does this.

they would looks nice at any resolutions, and sizes.

all graphics should be svg!!! :smiley:

fanton wrote:
svg is much easier than bitmaps since you don't need several versions of the same icon, but only one. and scales seamlessly.
Except at small size. SVG only scales nicely upwards.

i need to learn more about svg.

but you can tell the os that normal resolution is 4x4. and you always scale up. i think. would that work?

and the svg itself doesn’t really matter for which resolution was made, because is not raster graphics, but uses lines and circles and coordinates, etc.

Fanton: The problem is that at extremely small resolutions you cant reproduce complex images. An extreme example, there may be more primitives than there are pixels. So you need a really good algorithm to pick out the most relevant primitives.

Try out tracker.newfs which has SVG support if you want it right now.

the thing is no-a-days the minimum resolution is 800 x 600. so a normal icon may be represented by an average algorithm. i haven’t used 640 x 480 since forever. those resolutions shouldn’t even be available. is there just in case.

on average, the minimum size would be 16 x 16, that’s the smallest icon but those icons would be made very simple (a circle, a triangle, a square) so no problem in rendering them.

optionally, to improve system performance, you could have a cache where all icons are prerendered at a resolution as they are needed and kept there. and you can easily grab one an place it somewhere.

i think svg is a smart choice not for developers, but for users and for artists. first of all they would look good. and second of all, artists don’t need to make several versions of icons, keeping the whole look constant.

probably this is for R2 or R3, but it’s part of modern os. pixels are dying.