Support for nVidia cards in R1 (and maybe before)?


It’s possible to convert nouveau drivers to Haiku?


Nouveau / PSCNV port

Haiku currently uses a native NVIDIA driver for the earlier GeForce 7 (7xxx) series and Quadro FX (x500) series cards. The driver falls back to VESA for newer graphic models.

Nouveau goes up to the GeForce 10-series. There were some earlier talks of using a fork called PSCNV (lesser dependencies). Speak with waddlesplash on IRC for latest core dev initiatives. :key:


Please stop spreading rumors. I have already said that DRM is shelved due to lack of time at present; but even when I was occasionally tinkering with it, I wasn’t touching nouveau for a long list of reasons and said as much.


Just so you know:…

" Nouveau / PSCNV port
Haiku currently doesn’t have a driver for NVidia video cards, and falls back to VESA for those. While our VESA driver is reasonably fast, it can’t set the native resolution on all systems, leading to a suboptimal Haiku experience. Nouveau is a graphics driver for NVidia video cards. There is a fork called PSCNV which might have less dependencies on Linux. cf."


This is a GSoC idea – emphasis on idea. As far as I know, no student has ever proposed it, much less ever worked on it, nor has any developer.