Support for netbooks with touchpads and emmc

Hi, I have cheap netbook asus vivobook e203na, big feature is long batery life but its slow for windows, i try haiku with efi boot but there is not (i think) support for emmc and touchpad only boot from usb.

I want ask how supported are touchpads in netbooks and emmc storages.

Haiku boot ok in efi mode, and i use for now usb connected mouse.

eMMC is not supported yet. Touchpads are supported generally, how well depends on your specific hardware.

thanks for info, i have tested haiku on thinkpad t60 but i want something newer, maybe on my Acer XC-703 Haiku goes with dualboot with Windows 8.1 64bit, but i dont have experience with UEFI configuration.

How is the performance and compatibility of the Thinkpad T60?
And would you recommend it for Haiku use only?

Edit: Someone offered me to buy his Lenovo G70 Laptop for 250.- Euro
Thanks Bruno

No i only test Haiku sometimes, its for me allways good experience :smiley:

ThinkPad T60 is supported good, i have version with i915 chipset and 32bit processor,
Graphics works, Screen Brightness control works, Sound works, and Wifi works too, only problem is less resolution of 4:3 LCD (1024x768) but what i want from old notebook :smiley:

hey i think all configuration of old ThinkPads are OK but be carefull with NVIDIA, we know that is not supported with Haiku

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I also have a T60 (a T61 to be specific). Literally everything works except TrackPoint scrolling and video acceleration (screen tears sometimes)

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T60 is good for windows 7, haiku works, i think G70 has nvidia this would be problem look for intel based graphics thinkpad very cheap is t470

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