Support for 16 bits per channel?

Is there any support (or plans to add) in the translation kit for using 16 bits per channel in images? I.e. 48 bits for rgb images and 64 bits for images with an alpha channel also.
This bitdepth is often used by scanner software.

The Translation Kit can handle having 16 bits / channel, whether or not it is supported depends on the individual translator. However, when you view images on screen, most of the time, you see them as 8 bits / channel regardless of depth stored in the image file.

Ok, great.

Do you know if it’s supported by the translators for the formats that handle that bit depth (PNG and TIFF are the only ones I’m aware of).

I’m asking this just because scanners often support 48 bits.

Both the PNG and TIFF translators should support images that have more than 8 bits / channel. If I remember correctly, the PNG translator should be able to read nearly every variety of PNG image. The TIFF translator supports most TIFFs, but does not support TIFFs that use the less popular compression schemes.