Suggestion: Deskbar arrows should face left when Deskbar docked on right

This is nitpicky at this point in the release cycle of Haiku, but eventually, the Deskbar arrows should face left when the Deskbar is docked on the right hand side of the screen. Or, there should be some consistency with which side the submenu appears on. Only ‘Demos’ appears on the same side of the submenu as the arrows…

It depends on the length of the longest menu-item, meaning it can’t be controlled. A way to get consistency in a Deskbar docked on the right, is to minimize it (drag the grippy).
You may also change the mental message of the “arrow” from ‘this way’ to ‘more’. I guess the reason why a horizontal ‘V’ is used instead of a real arrow, is to promote that message/change.