"Sudo" or "Administrator" user in haiku


I don’t find a way to erase a file in Haiku Beos the file is in …/system/bin directory now.

It’s a file I have put in this directory by a package I have created but I can’t run it to uninstall this file.

So, there is a command in terminal or else for can erase and moving file like I want?


You need to deinstall this package using haikudepot if delete under /system/packaged

It’s my own package but I dont see it in the HaikuDepot app. I have run the package and attempt to make uninstall it but I got an error.

Reading the user guide could help a bit to get things clear.

Look if you have set a cross by installed packages

I have finally find my pacfkage in HaikuDepot…But the same error message:

Failed to find a Match() for (package name)

When I have created the package I have put a -b I think in command line…Don’t know if is that do you speak about?

To uninstall, you can also just delete the HPKG in /system/packages/.

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Thanks that working.