Success using another way

As I recently looked through the BeBook, I noticed again how easy and yes, simply pretty cool the BeOS-API is. That lead me to the following idea:
One should have started to port the BeAPI to other OSes, making it some kind of Framework. Because the API is so easy, cool and great, people could have decided to use the BeAPI-Framework to code their apps for Linux or even Win. A neat side effect would have been, that those apps would have been easily portable to BeOS/Haiku. So you could have answered the question “Is XY also available on HAIKU” easily with “Yes, of course”.

Just a thought…

What do you think?

Actually i was thinking the same thing from quite a while

that would be really cool
not only for haiku but also for the rest of the world :wink:

When Gobe ported Gobe Productive to Windows, they essentially ported the BeAPI to Windows and Linux (there is a DLL called be.dll), so yes, it has been done in the past. Whether anybody will actually use it is an entirely different question. The NextStep API is also open source and available for Windows, but other than Quicktime, Safari and iTunes, nothing else on Windows uses Cocoa. I don’t expect the BeAPI (and by extension, the Haiku API) to gain traction on Windows. Unless Haiku becomes amazingly successful, or gets a killer App.

well we wont know until we try :wink:

I think porting a full api to another os to use it as a toolkit is not that tiny an amount of work… maybe something for GSoC 2011?

in any case it could help recruiting volounteers working on some of the native haiku apps…
well of course we have to aim for high quality software that others also want to install on non haiku


How about advertising it not only as a home user desktop OS but also THE OS for newby programmers.

I think this is a great idea, be prepared for the onsluaght of linux lovers, everything else bashers.

In my Job, I have to code on Windoze only and it is a pain. At home, if I code from time to time, I am looking for frameworks to code with. Currently I am using QT, because it is available on Haiku as well now.
I also once wanted to code in Haiku directly, but when you come from Windoze or Linux, you are very used to comfortable IDEs like QT Creator or Visual Studio. After using those for a while, you can hardly go back to editor and makefiles and stuff…
Sadly there is no decent IDE on Haiku currently - no offense to those who put much effort into development of some already neat approaches.

I really would love to have the BeAPI/HaikuAPI available as a framework on Linux and/or Windoze, as it simply IS great, in my opinion.