Student participation

Hi there,

My name is Jos van Weert and I’m a professor/teacher at Avans University at 's-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands. I work at the department of Informatics.

The next quarter (starting tomorrow) my students have to do a project where they use C++ in combination with design patterns. The students are in the final year (4 years) of their study, software engineering (bachelor degree). They are pretty experienced over all programmers.

What I’m looking for is some interesting projects for 2 groups of students. The group size is about six students and they have got 8 to 9 weeks to do the job. They will get support from two teachers with years of experience at C++.

I’ve had a short IRC-chat with “Elly”. He proposed to do an application programming task instead of diving in really deep, an os-programming task. Maybe you´ve got some other thoughts.

I know that the community sometimes assigns a mentor to a student. Maybe that´s also possible this time?

I’ve been following the BeOS-project for a decade now and I think this is the time for me to give something back.

I hope to get a reaction.
If you need more information feel free to mail me or even call me.
See my profile for my phone number and mail adres.

With regards,
Jos van Weert

Sounds like an interesting proposition. As you seem to have heard, we actually just completed a program similar to Google’s Summer of Code (ours was called “Haiku Code Drive 2008”) where several students were mentored to work on Haiku-related projects and received community-sponsored payment as a reward. I think it’s highly probable that we could find some additional projects for some eager students to work on.

The best place for you to post the above message is on the “haiku-development” mailing list, which you’ll find links to on the following page:

(you can subscribe to it directly here: )

I’m directing you there because only a couple of developers frequently read posts here on the forums (where mostly support-related discussions take place at the moment). You’ll get a lot more eyeballs reading your message there :slight_smile:

That’s a nice idea.

I started adding task description to the EducOOo wiki concerning a future Haiku port of OpenOffice, it could be something to look at later:

In case you don’t have enough on your plate :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response.
I wanted to post my proposition in the “haiku-development”-list. But a guy named “Nick” beat me to it.

Thanks Urias and Nick

Hi Jos. Sorry I wasn’t sure if you would post it or not to the list so I went ahead and did it.

You still should join the haiku-development list if you haven’t already.

You might want to create a new thread called Project Proposals or Haiku Applications on the development mailing list.

This way you can ask what would be good Haiku applications and get back responses to put you in the right direction. Also, the development mailing list will let you interact with Haiku developers directly.

Maybe have students help Ryan with creating a Haiku native webbrowser. Or there are some projects on OSDrawer to help with, Or port over some POSIX type applications, NDIS wrapper, CUPS, 3D acceleration and/or Gnash ( Flash ) etc.

Edit: About 3 or 4 of the projects linked below are done but the rest are still available.

Quick question: Has anything become of this? I haven’t read anything about it any more…