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I think someone equally as smart as yourself thought of this already. The following all occurs in the NetServer.cpp file:

_ConfigureInterfacesFromSettings is called at line 746. Here the interfaces are checked in fSettings to see if they are disabled (706-711). If so, they are disabled and not set as a missingDevice if the interface is disabled (709). The next interface is checked…etc.

Checking for An Existing Network
On lines 716-720, a device that is found in fSettings (missingDevice), is set to the interface which is later added to the /dev/net within that (unnecessary?) if statement (772). The missingDevice will only be set and added to /dev/net if an entry does not exist in the settings already (716).

Does this look right?


It looks right to me, but I don’t know this code so well, so I’d need to spend more time reading it to determine if that was indeed correct.


Cool (maybe)! I will comment on the two bugs with what I think is happening for the record and if anyone wants to verify it and submit it, great. I’m fairly certain I don’t have privileges to edit code, so that’s all I can do I think.

PS: We presented our final project last week (a summary of work done on Haiku) and the professor liked what we ended up finding. Thanks again for letting us contribute and learn from your OS.


Huh? You can submit changes to Gerrit. See the “SubmittingPatches” page on Trac.