Stream Box powered by Haiku

There are some atom based mini PCs available, which cost half the price of apple TV 4k. These PCs are capable of 4k video output.

Here is one example of the PC:

Is it possible to have a Apple TV OS like OS based on Haiku and have a screen interfaces like Apple TV??

I think it will be much simpler code than the actual Haiku OS.

If we can have the following features. It can be a bigger hit than apple TV and we can get big publicity for Haiku and it’s multimedia capabilities.

My recommendation for features:

  • just a media player capable of playing major audio/video formats including Dolby/DTS etc.

  • Samba share to play video from network and connected drive etc.

  • Remote control or control from mobile app

  • Bonus to have popular apps like amazon prime and netflix etc.

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Audio via HDMI is also a mandatory feature as well as hardware video codec acceleration.


Nothing is impossible, of course. Anyone can take Haiku as basis and try to build anything on top of it. I don’t think the Haiku devs will shift their focus from the Desktop, though.

Also consider that e.g. the Kodi team is bigger than the Haiku team, with a larger community and more financial support. And they have a working product with a 10 year head start, that already works pretty damn well on a wide range of hardware.

Makes you stop to wonder in awe what Haiku has achived over the years actually…


“Makes you stop to wonder in awe what Haiku has achieved over the years actually…”

I will rise to that! :slight_smile:

The Haiku team has succeeded in breathing new life into the corpse of what, in a more perfect world, would have become the best and most successful operating system.

Although Haiku isn’t there yet it is already observably better than the blood-sucking beast that is Windows and the overly complex and unnecessarily fragmented world that is Linux and OSX.

Haiku is now very close to being all that most people need in an operating system, and also what most people desire - which is reliability, simplicity, and the ability to get the job done elegantly and unobtrusively.

So, well done, Humdinger, to you and your colleagues.


We really need gpu support :C


Desiring and needing aren’t always the same thing. But I believe that what you desire is on the list.