Strange USB behaviour in MacBook (enable USB polling)

Hi, I installed haiku to a partition on my macbook 2,1. Built-in touchpad and keyboard don’t work, (but this is a known issue) so i have to use an external usb mouse and keyboard. The strange thing is that i can use them only at once, because only one usb port works well (the one nearer the front). If i connect the mouse to the other port it lags and it’s unusable, same thing for the keyboard. If i connect them to the first usb port instead, they work perfectly.
That’s annoying, because all the others devices seem to work without any issue (it also connects automatically to my neighbor’s unencrypted wireless network :smiley: ) and i really wanted to use Haiku on real hardware (it’s very fast, even much faster than OSX!!)
Is there any solution for this?

Yes it’s exactly the same here, on the same model MacBook. My only solution is to use a Mac keyboard - which has extra USB ports so the mouse plugs into that, so both mouse and keyboard effectively use the same good port on the machine.

Other problems: Can you eject a CD once it’s in the machine? I have “eject when unmounted” checked in the Mount Settings menu but they won’t go, and the Mac keyboard Eject button isn’t recognised. I can’t get them out without rebooting (to Unbuntu, usually).

How about sound? I get nothing here even with the OSS drivers.

Haven’t had a decent play with the wireless yet. Ours - and all the neighbours - are encrypted.

I tried to use an USB hub, but no results… they must be connected directly to te first USB port and i haven’t got a mac keyboard to try.

Sound card is recognized with the hda audio driver, but when i try to play something, nothing happens. Same thing with OSS drivers.

I can’t eject CD directly in Haiku, so i reboot with the touchpad’s button pressed to eject it before refit apeears.

I have read that setting USB mode to polling resolves the issue… How can I do this? Shall i compile Haiku from svn? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve read this too here:

I remember reading you have to enable polling and rebuild Haiku, but I don’t know where to set this either.

If someone knows how to enable USB polling let us know! :slight_smile: