Strange Things with OpenWith

Good day,

So today, after last updates (hrev55218) Open With is exposing all its inner parts… How shameful :scream:


The full path is shown there. Weird.

Strange things are starting to happen here. Maybe I need to do a fresh install


Tracker does this when you have the same app in more then one folder as is the case here with CudaText. It has always been like that.

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Thanks @Diver. Didn’t know that.

That, I think, explains also why I had to use pkgman to install CudaText. Wasn’t able to install it by double clicking on the HPKG, maybe didn’t want to install because it was already on a different location? Though it’s on another drive, not the System drive.

Question, here, how could happen that it got installed to a different location?? Or does it have anything to do with when I do the mimeset -f Haiku knows that there is an exec file in such location and registers it as a valid application?

I moved the folder to trash, temporarily, and the ‘open with’ went back to normal.

This means that I still have a long, long way to go. Never stop learning!


No, this should work.

This is #8799.


It is not. You have one installed version, and a binary that is somewhere else in your partitions (apparently in /Projects). Tracker will just query all your partitions and find all executables to fill this list, it doesn’t matter if they are installed or not. In BeOS there wasn’t even a notion of “installed”.

This behavior is annoying mostly for developers (who tends to have lots of executables that they compiled themselves everywhere). It doesn’t happen as much for people who don’t build their own applications. That’s why it was kept this way for now.


For users (who want it to be) it should stay that way, developers should be able to deactivate it.

Good day @PulkoMandy ,

Didn’t know that. Makes sense. Actually, I tried to copy an app from the /apps folder to somewhere else, uninstall the app and then launched it from the copied location, it does work.

I’ll try to remember this from now on.