Step-by-Step on installing & updating to nightlies

I have R1Alpha4.1 just installed on my system but it is not seeing my realtek ethernet port. I hear the lastest nightlies support it.

I don’t want to lose the install I did so is there a step-by-step on how to install the latest nightly without screwing up my existing install so all my settings and such stay as they have been?

Please point me in the correct direction.



Just install the new Haiku-Version above the old one. Installer will detect the existing installation and ask you if you want a new Installation or behold the installed files. Works for me!

With pre-PM Haiku it worked when you just overwrite system folders (install on top of existing Haiku), but I think package management broke that opportunity, so you’d be safe backing up your data and settings and do clean install.

You could always write Haiku nightly on USB stick and find out what hardware is supported in newer builds.