Status of NTFS

What’s the status of the ntfs-3g driver on the haiku images? I have been following the developer mailing lists and am aware of the licensing situation that was being debated with this driver. A Sep 1st post states that:

> The file-systems, > for which the FSF GPL-FAQ mentions an exemtion, now ignore the GPL > configuration and are installed anyway. While I don't agree that the > GPL-FAQ has more say than the GPL itself, I am personally fine with this > setup.

However, the latest raw hdd image did not work for me with NTFS, and if trying to force it via Terminal, mount gives “invalid argument”. FAT partitions were detected and mounted fine from the Tracker right out of the box.

These drivers are implemented as self-contained modules under the /system dir, correct? I found a folder under add-ons that looks like the one, but it contains only files named “BFS” and “Intel”, so I’m a little confused as to how it is that FAT works.

I would like to suggest why not simply create a third tab on the downloads page labeled “Tools” or some such. Then if an issue like this comes up again, we could just flip a build flag and send that piece over there, where it is no longer “part of Haiku” yet is easy for potential new developers to find and install. This would not just be a specific fix for this issue; I feel that having a place to download “related items” could be a nice place to put other basic things as well newcomers will need to get their system up and running, without having to search BeBits (broken links galore) or compile from source (not very fun, when you’re brand new and haven’t time to get comfortable with the easy stuff yet). I’m not suggesting haiku become the new BeBits, this would just be for basic basic add-ons such as the NTFS filesystem driver. It also might help reduce the size of the base image as more add-ons are written for the system. Forgive me if this has already been talked about or already exists, like I said I’ve only been around a few weeks and could not find such a thing.