Stacking and Tiling How To?


For some unknown reason, I am not able to stack or tile windows…
Here is my setup:

HOST: Mac OS X 10.8.2
GUEST: VMware Fusion 5.0.1

R1/alpha 3 (Revision 42211)

Intel 2.50GHz

1024mb RAM

Jun 18 2011 08:26:42

Any help? If I need a later version where do I get his version? I’ve checked the keyboard inside Haiku and the right alt key on the MBP is indeed the OPT equivalent, but when used, still doesn’t activate the stacking/titling.


Hi el.tigre!

Stack&Tile became Haiku’s default decorator only some time after alpha3. So you either get a current Nightly image, or try the command “setdecor -l” in Terminal. It should return a list of available decors. One should be named “SATDecorator” or something similar. “setdecor SATDecorator” will set it, “setdecor DefaultDecorator” (or something similar), returns to the old standard decorator.


Worked perfectly! AWESOME!

Thanks so much humdinger

ps, there are some pretty cool decorators available! (win95 and Mac OS 9)