Stable package management nightly?

What is a reasonably stable nightly that has package management and robust wi-fi support? These are both lacking in R1. I tried the latest nightly about 36 hours ago and it’s kernal panicing fairly often and when it comes back it’s forgot where I’d moved my desktop icons to. I dont mind using one from months ago as long as it’s fairly robust.


The latest nightlies are rather stable for me. Please open a bug report and include more detailed information (exact panic message and backtrace - taking a picture of the panic screen should be ok), as it could be a problem in some driver and thus specific to your hardware.

Last stable - hrev49292

hrev49514 works for me.

By sheer coincidence I have started a little project on this on another forum:

Not work openjava

Not work openjava[/quote]

do you try ? i mean qt and java runs at all.

i can look that revision tunetracker used for it.

last stable hrev49292

It sometimes crashes when I use ‘Background’ and one time it crashed when I dropped my boot volume into ‘Album’. But maybe it’s just because those were the things I happened to be doing in the last few days. I’ll play with it some more and try to narrow it down for a bug report.

That’s great…or will be if people keep doing it. Just what we need.

Thank you! I will try this one at some point. Do you have the raw image because ‘Installer’ doesn’t see anyboot images as a source option.

You can see the about box in the discover Haiku video. It runs hrev44295 which doesn’t seem to be hosted on now… raw image hrev49292


You can “mount” anyboot images either by double clicking them, or using the “diskimage register” command from Terminal. Then, Installer will be able to see them.

I’ve never had double-click work on an anyboot image in any Haiku, and it’s not working for me now. The diskimage command did work though. Thanks for the advice.