Speed Dreams 2.2.3

Speed Dreams 2.2.3 should soon be available at HaikuDepot.
There are some known issues with the game.

It requires a fairly fast CPU. On an Intel NUC, I get 30-40 fps. On an old HP Pavillion, 2-3 fps

The Menu Music is disabled. Enabling it will cause the game to crash.
(this is already fixed for the next release)

Changing some of the settings (video and sound) may cause the game to exit. Simply re-launch it, the changed settings will be in effect.
(on other OS’s, the game re-launches itself, not working yet on Haiku)

After each race, you have to quit the game and restart.

Please log any issues you discover.

Happy motoring!


11 years ago, I did the first port.

Nice game!! thanks

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Thanks for porting it!
I am looking into how to best add the rest of the tracks and cars.

Sound maybe OpenAL port is not finished yet,
And joystick has work to do with PLib

In race sound effects should work.
Can you play anything via MediaPlayer ?
There is music during the menus, but that is disabled .

Joystick also sould work, it now uses SDL2 as opposed to plib.
From the main menu ,click on Players and Controls then Controls (near the bottom right)
Click on any listed item, them hit your joystick button or move the stick to set it.

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